Halloween Inspiration

Hello, my little ghouls and goblins! Are you tired of all the mainstream costumes? Feeling overwhelmed as you walk into a Halloween were-house (pun intended) that reeks of latex, sweat-filled costumes? Bleh! Me too!

Halloween is a day to become someone new and let your inner werewolf howl at the moon. I’ve attempted to become a little more creative year after year with my choice of costumes. One thing to remember is this: if you want your Halloween costume to stand out, you have to put the time and creativity into it! I think some people overlook the makeup aspect of a costume; it can really make your costume a little more exciting! It’s all about the details.

I’ve done a little research on costumes for this year (and by research I mean spent hours searching on Pinterest and Google), but that’s not the point! Take a peek at the board I recently created on Pinterest for some unique AND classic Halloween costume looks that are sure to inspire you. Need ideas for a couple’s costume? Want to express your holiday spirit through spooky nail art? Single and have loads of free time but lack costume ideas? (Remember, more candy for us.) No worries! I’ve pinned something for everyone. I even included a few cute Halloween kitties for your viewing pleasure! No need to thank me.

Click the link below and get creative, people! I’m sure you all will turn out BOO-tiful.


Above: Last Halloween, my friend and I went as a loofah and a nerd (apologies for the poor quality of this picture). The loofah costume was inexpensive and only took me about two hours to make!

LISTEN IF YOU DARE! Click on the video in the bottom right corner to hear my vintage set of spooky tunes!


9 thoughts on “Halloween Inspiration

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  6. Jenna, I love that idea!! I never thought about the loofah costume!! I’ll definitely have to look into more ideas like that.. If not I may have to steal your idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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